Take a Hike? May 15th, 2016

With fingers crossed for good weather I have decided to check out the Sunday nature hike at 10 am at the MUN Botanical Gardens this weekend.

pathI walk on a regular basis but I have been thinking about taking up hiking more seriously this summer. We live in such a beautiful province. I look forward to checking out our great hiking trails.

In an effort to “bite off one piece of the elephant at a time”, I thought it might be best to start with a 1 hour hike.

MUN Botanical Gardens offers a guided hike through the barrens, b7NoDY-phoreal forest, or bog. The guide will introduce you to Newfoundland plants and animals while you enjoy plenty of fresh air and exercise.

This event is Free for members of the Friends of the Garden, Memorial University students and children 5 years and younger.  For all others general admission applies.

They also offer a Sunday morning bird watching hike that takes place every second Sunday with the next one being on May 15 at 8 am.  

Stay tunpath3ed for my review.




I Quit Legit.

February 19th 2016

While it was clear that a lot of hard work and preparation went in to this performance, it wasn’t for me. Very few of the songs were familiar which may have contributed to my lack of enthusiasm.

I found the tunes and lyrics dark and a bit depressing.  Not exactly what I was hoping for on a Friday night.

All that aside, the performers were passionate as were many of the audience members. And hats off to event planners and participant’s mini fundraiser in aid of the soup kitchen at Choices for Youth.

The LSPU Hall offers an intimate theatre space with excellent lighting and acoustics and I will return there to check out other events. Attending a live event at the LSPU Hall is an activity you can do with a friend or on your own.

Rating: **

Single: $20


So It’s the Weekend!


So It’s the weekend. What to do?  It’s so easy to put your jammies on and sit in front of Netflix while you scroll through Facebook to see what your friends are up to.

Sounds like a page out of my book. However as I welcomed in the new year I promised myself to have more fun and “get out there”!

My very good friend Wendy was feeling the same way.  We began to search for things to do that didn’t include “bar-hopping” downtown. As we discussed the various options we thought we can’t be the only forty-somethings looking for fun activities and decided we should blog about our experiences and share them with others.

Our goal here is to have some fun and maybe motivate you to get off the sofa.  Turn off the TV and push yourself to have some new experiences. Coming?

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We hate spam too. We promised to protect your email address.