The Fifth Ticket with a side of comedy

SapuuYU6A great server can make or break a meal.  Agree? While our food was yummy it was our server Jordan that made the evening so pleasant.

Wendy and I decided on an early reservation since the comedy show in the piano bar started at 8:00 PM and we didn’t want to rush though our meal. At 6:15 PM the restaurant was mostly empty with the IMG_4921exception of a couple of tables but it quickly filled as the night went on. The Fifth Ticket is located at 171 Water Street, St. John’s NL (the east end of Water Street).

When we arrived we were shown quickly to our table. Once seated I heard Jordan mention “Silver Fox”.  I immediately assumed he was talking about me. LOL. Actually, he was describing one of their most popular drinks. A combination of gin, black current syrup topped with Prosecco served sweet or dry. It was delish!

IMG_5911Our meal choices included cold duck slices served on arugula and pan fried trout with asparagus and a type of pasta similar to orzo.

We enjoyed our meal but it was Jordan’s attention to detail; eagerness to explain the choices and he recommended when asked. He was authentically friendly and clearly took his job very seriously.  He reserved for us two seats in the piano bar for the comedy show and with such chivalry, offered to show us to our seats and carry our drinks. (FYI…Jordan nor the restaurant knew of our plans to write this review.)

This is a 1/2 portion as Jordan offered to split the plates as we were sharing.
This is a 1/2 portion as Jordan offered to split the plates since we were sharing our selections.

My thoughts on the restaurant are this.  The food was good and the menu choices were interesting. If I would make any suggestions for improvement I would say the ambiance lacks a bit of intimacy and softness.  Some dividers, white table clothes and soft window coverings would make it more comfortable.

The comedy show? Not for us. Sorry. I like the idea of the piano bar and I look forward to returning to listen to the live music instead.

Price: $$$

Restaurant Rating: ****

Comedy Show: *



The Fifth Ticket

Once known as The Social Club, the Fifth Ticket claims to have a brand new vibe with the same great food offering more selection.

St. John’s only Piano Bar, the Dining Room and the Chef’s Table for private 5 course meals, all combine to provide “internationally inspired comfort food.” IMG_4921
downloadFriday night, April 1st is Comedy Night featuring “Dont Panic: A night of Story-Telling, Song, and Stand-Up.

Carol-Ann and I will be there, stay tuned for our review!

Tickets $10.

171 Water Street. St. John’s


St. John’s Fish Exchange for 5 to 7

Maybe not your typical place to visit for happy hour but Wendy and I were anxious to check out the St. John’s Fish Exchange which recently opened downtown St. John’s, NL. Located at 351 Water Street, with a nice view of the harbour, it is a combination of big city chic with a nod to Newfoundland cuisine and

We arrived closer to 7 than planned and good thing we were only stopping in for a drink because on arrival the hostess politely informed us it would be an hour and a half wait for a table unless we had reservations.

So word to the wise, make your reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.

We explained we were only staying for a glass of wine and the hostess happily showed us to the bar where we were lucky enough to snag 2 stools.

Screenshot_2016-03-20-23-24-28The bar area is impressive.  A nice spot to sip your wine and chat. Wendy and I decided to order a calamari appetizer, recommended to us by our bartender and we really enjoyed it. The service was excellent and the bar well stocked with a nice selection of wine and beer.  They also have a very fun specialty cocktail list that I recommend you order from (or at least read :-).

Jam Jam Martini – Seriously? A drink served with a cookie? Can it get any better than that? (Jam Jams are cookies made locally by Purity FacJam jamtories and are a Newfoundland favorite)



We enjoyed our visit to the Fish
Exchange and look forward to returning to stay to for a meal and dessert (psst! try their bread pudding, chocolate torte, Bailey’s creme brule. OK OK try ALL the desserts).

Rating:  *****

Price: $$$


Best Laid Plans

To garner content for our inaugural post, Carol-Ann and I decided to make a full night of it. Dinner downtown followed by an art unveiling at the Rooms and finishing the evening with the reception after party being held at the Eastern Edge Gallery. Ambitious? Oh yes!

We decided to eat at The Adelaide Oyster House, a spot neither of us had yet visited and all our ‘best laid plans’ came to a screaming halt as we began and ended our night at this fabulous spot. The Adelaide and chef Steve Vardy, have received many accolades since opening their doors in 2014 and for me, it didn’t disappoint.


I’m all about decor and I loved the industrial lighting with filament bulbs which cast a comfortable yellow hue throughout. The dark wood and brick interior with metal accents makes the small space very intimate yet hip at the same time.

Have a table for two or up to six or sit at the bar in the midst of all the action and enjoy the music which is loud but they offer no apology, it’s as rockin’ as is the pace in the kitchen.

The food is based on small portions, meant for tasting or sharing which allows you to try several dishes and I highly encourage you to! It comes to your table as it is ready and keeps the servers hopping. Every dish we tried was a hit, beautifully presented with a delicious medley of flavours and was just enough that you decide you will definitely be back.  To accompany, the drink offerings included craft beer, well-made classic cocktails and a pleasing wine selection.



An evening at The Adelaide Oyster House is a great option for a full night; grab a table, have a glass of wine, and spend the night sampling, one delicious plate at a time. Overall, a great night out.

Price point: $120.00 for two which included 4 dishes and a bottle of wine.

Rating: ****


The Adelaide Oyster House

334 Water Street, St. John’s NL

(709) 722-2222

Open Tuesday-Sunday 5pm until close.

Best Laid Plans

So for our first adventure. Ooooh yes! We had big plans. Supper at The Adelaide Oyster House, art unveiling at the Rooms finishing the evening at the Smoke and Mirrors after party being held at the Eastern Edge Gallery.

So wait a minute.  It’s Friday night and after a full week of work, Wendy and I are doing all we can not to default to Netflix and the sofa.  I was tempted to call her to see if she was still up to going out in hopes that she would say nahhh let’s do something next weekend. So I avoided making the call.20160205_192019

So this is what we really did.  Started, stayed and finished the night at The Adelaide Oyster House 🙂 Why?  Because we were having fun.

Wendy at The Adelaide Oyster House
Our wine selection from Australia. Very nice.

Adelaide is a small upbeat resto-bar serving delicious almost appetizer size portions. It’s decor of exposed beams, brick and dangling shade-less light fixtures gives it a beautiful but comfortable atmosphere. Wendy and I enjoyed our food selections including the wine, which our server Erica, graciously poured for us. This restaurant is fun, with lots of activity and interesting food choices.

Just a couple of words of caution.  The music is quite loud so this is certainly not the place to go if you want a quite place to talk.  In addition, they do not take reservations, so arrive by 6:30PM if you want to be seated right away.  Another option is to ask them to call you when they have a table available and visit another bar nearby for a drink while you wait.