Tattoo? No, you!…No, you!! (part I)

Trouble Bound Studio located at 132 A, Water Street, St. John’s, NL.

Call us crazy. Call us what you want. We are 40+. Being a little crazy is a privilege of getting older. 🙂

I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a very long time.  Recently, one of my friends and her 2 sisters got tattoos and it really inspired me to put it at the top of my bucket list again.


One of Trouble Bound’s tattoo artists

As Wendy and I embark on a 2 week trip to Greece in May, I encouraged her to mark the event with a friendship tattoo. Is she on board? I think so.

On a recommendation from a friend, we visited Trouble Bound Studio located at 132 A, Water Street, St. John’s, NL for a consultation. We met with Mike Ledrew who discussed our design and reviewed the process.

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Author: Carol-Ann

Carol-Ann is an entrepreneur and mother of two living in St. John's Newfoundland. She operates Celtic Pride Financial, a business offering business intelligence and book-keeping services. In addition, she is co-creator of the popular blog Carol-Ann is a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland where she earned of Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Marketing and Computer Science.

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