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Have you ever heard the saying “You look but you don’t see”? I find I have done this a lot in St. John’s. I think you get comfortable in the areas of town you usually frequent and you live life repetitively. And in doing so, you miss so many opportunities to really enjoy the little things this city has to offer and maybe some big ones too!IMG_6239

Yesterday, I came across a small ad for the MUN Botanical Garden on Mount Scio Rd……now there’s somewhere I hadn’t been in a long time. I often drive by it but never stop. But this week, they are having free lunchtime seminars from 12:00 to 1:00 pm covering a host of topics, so off I went today to learn all about composting!


What a great little seminar. In one hour, I learned all I needed to know abIMG_6231out making my very own compost and the benefits it would bring to my garden. Plus, it turns out that years ago when the city and MMSB joined to promote composting with a reduced rate on bins, it was a bit of a disaster as people didn’t understand how to compost and ended up creating smelly bins that attracted rodents. Now, they require you participate in an Information Session like I did today before you are allowed to purchase a bin and today, plus other days this month, they are selling them at a reduced rate to participants. The traditional bin you can purchase at the reduced rate of $40.00, is on the Lee Valley Tool site for over $150.00, now that’s a deal.

I am an avid gardener and am always open to learning something new, especially as our province provides gardening challenges. The thought of turning my household garbage and garden leaves into rich soil has me inspired and I have purchased the traditional compost bin and the new model, The Tumbler! I was impressed to discover that the whole of the Botanical Garden has been created with their own compost. Now there’s something to aspire to.

The traditional compost bin

For the rest of the week, the topics include:

Tuesday: Plants for the Sensory Garden, Wednesday: Choice Vegetables for a Newfoundland Garden, Thursday: Vermicomposting, Friday: Planting a Hanging Basket.

Great time, short and sweet but very well done and easily fit into a lunchtime slot if you are pressed for time. I highly recommend.

Who would have thought this was once wild woody forest. Still asleep but signs of spring are there!

Rate: *****

Cost: Nil

Author: Wendy Anderson

Wendy is a born and bred Newfoundlander living in St. John's with her two children currently enrolled in university. She operates a small in-home esthetics business and has followed her success breeding world renowned Shih Tzu, to embark on a judging career which takes her world-wide. This has given her an avid interest in all things culinary, cultural diversity and an appreciation for the uniqueness of each place she visits. She looks forward to sharing what interesting things she discovers about St. John's!

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