Love to Garden? Planting a Hanging Basket.

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Friday lunch time, I attended a free public workshop on planting a hanging basket offered by MUN Botanical Garden.  It was really informative and I picked up some great tips and tricks.

I was busy with work on Friday and I was tempted to skip it but I am so glad I didn’t. Firstly, just walking into the gardens on my way to the classroom started to release the stress of the week.  On this rainy warm day the smell of the garden was heavenly and there were signs of spring were everywhere.

We met in the classroom where Tim Walsh, the nursery manager, gave an eIMG_0704ntertaining and educational presentation along with a demonstration on how to plant a hanging basket.

Along with the lecture, Tim provide us with a couple of reference sheets listing plants and their sun requirements.

For inspiration you can take a look at some amazing photos of hanging baskets and containers designed by the talented folks at the Botanical Gardens here and a plant list here.

I really liked the way he broke down the plants required to create an attractive hanging basket.  Thrillers – the centerpiece or main attraction of the basket. Spillers – plants ideal for cascading over the edge.  And Fillers –  plants required to fill the basket.  It was so exciting to see all the options and I wanted to rush home and start planting right away 🙂

These free lunch time lectures were held all week.  I wish I could have attended all of them.  I hope they will do this sort of event again.  In the mean time,  they offer several other paid workshops that look interesting, particularly the Wine and Walks. 😉

Rating: *****

Cost: This event $0.  Other workshops $0 – $70

Great activity to do alone or with a friend.

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