Peace, Love, Yoga with Tina Pomroy

“I Am Divine Love” I chanted.  And that was exactly how I was feeling after an hour and a half yoga session with Tina Pomroy at the Yoga Kula Co-op located at 286 Torbay Road.  This special yoga event focused on peace and love, which is apropos given it was the Valentine’s weekend.

Peace love and yoga
This event took place Friday night , February 12th, 2016

My evening with Tina and 6 other participates, included stretching, breathing, enjoying essential oils and eating chocolate by candlelight. Sound nice? It was.

Tina Pomroy

During this event I had the opportunity to practice meditation which I find incredibly difficult and chanting which, while awkward at first, became highly enjoyable as all my stresses of the week drifted away.

One of my favorite parts of the practice took place when Tina spoke softly and gently using imagery to help you imagine holding a magic bowl which we could fill with love. For those of you that have never done yoga or meditation before, this might sound a bit hokey, but trust me, this opportunity to empty your mind of negativity and stress and fill it with positive and uplifting ideas, hokey or not, felt GOOD!

This was a lovely way to spend a Friday evening and I highly recommend it to any beginner or

I even received a love note 🙂 “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other” ~ Mother Theresa

expert yogis out there.  This is an event that can be shared with a friend or enjoyed on your own.

Rating:  *****

Single $20

Couple $30

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