Best Laid Plans

So for our first adventure. Ooooh yes! We had big plans. Supper at The Adelaide Oyster House, art unveiling at the Rooms finishing the evening at the Smoke and Mirrors after party being held at the Eastern Edge Gallery.

So wait a minute.  It’s Friday night and after a full week of work, Wendy and I are doing all we can not to default to Netflix and the sofa.  I was tempted to call her to see if she was still up to going out in hopes that she would say nahhh let’s do something next weekend. So I avoided making the call.20160205_192019

So this is what we really did.  Started, stayed and finished the night at The Adelaide Oyster House 🙂 Why?  Because we were having fun.

Wendy at The Adelaide Oyster House
Our wine selection from Australia. Very nice.

Adelaide is a small upbeat resto-bar serving delicious almost appetizer size portions. It’s decor of exposed beams, brick and dangling shade-less light fixtures gives it a beautiful but comfortable atmosphere. Wendy and I enjoyed our food selections including the wine, which our server Erica, graciously poured for us. This restaurant is fun, with lots of activity and interesting food choices.

Just a couple of words of caution.  The music is quite loud so this is certainly not the place to go if you want a quite place to talk.  In addition, they do not take reservations, so arrive by 6:30PM if you want to be seated right away.  Another option is to ask them to call you when they have a table available and visit another bar nearby for a drink while you wait.

Author: Carol-Ann

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