Flower Studio Spring Bulb Workshop

I am quite remiss in posting….I apologize, life just seems to hurtle along at breakneck speed sometimes.

The lateness though, has no reflection on the absolutely wonderful time I had at the Flower Studio’s Spring Workshop…it was pure heaven!


If you’ve never been to the Studio….go….. even if it’s to just walk in the front door and breathe in the absolute bliss of a zen moment. It’s in a class of its own which you feel as soon as you walk through the door. Classic, edgy and creative IMG_5546design oozes from the decor and into the limitless floral arrangements that surround you. Accents and unique indoor/outdoor garden suggestions will tempt you or at least inspire you.

The evening workshop (7-9 pm) was an intimate group of 5 and hosted by the Studio’s owner and Principal Designer and his Guest Designer, Nicholas Smith who had flown in from Toronto to give the seminar. Nicholas demonstrated 3 completely different types of floral designs using a myriad of flowers and accent pieces and went into amazing detail on the intricacies of each type of flower, its requirements and particular characteristics and why something worked and why it didn’t. I don’t consider myself a novice in flora but I learnt A LOT!

We were then sent out into the world of choice and selection! What impressed me, was that nothing was off-limits. They had pots laid aside for us to use but if we saw one on the shelf that we liked better, we were more than welcome to use that. There were fresh flowers everywhere, pots and pots overflowed with colour, texture and beauty. We were set free and encouraged to use what spoke to us, inspired us and to just dive in and create our masterpieces.

IMG_5549 IMG_5547

I was also very impressed with the quality of the flowers. Not your typical selection of Roses, Carnations and Lilies  in the basic colours but Orchids, Tulips, Orchids, Hyacinths, Gerbera Daisies and  Iris to name a few in the most fabulous colours, shapes and sizes….and fresh!! How many of us have grabbed a bunch of happy looking flowers from the supermarket or like, only to have them a wilting, drab blob the next day. All the flowers we saw looked like they had just been brought in from the garden and in fact, they get daily shipments of flowers that have been picked less than 24 hours prior. My arrangement, 4 weeks old and minus only a couple of flowers, is still beautiful, welcoming people into my porch!

All in all, a great evening! One I certainly will do again and again. I highly recommend you sign up for a workshop but do it quickly as they fill up extremely fast!

My Creation!

Rating:  *****

Price: $$$




Author: Wendy Anderson

Wendy is a born and bred Newfoundlander living in St. John's with her two children currently enrolled in university. She operates a small in-home esthetics business and has followed her success breeding world renowned Shih Tzu, to embark on a judging career which takes her world-wide. This has given her an avid interest in all things culinary, cultural diversity and an appreciation for the uniqueness of each place she visits. She looks forward to sharing what interesting things she discovers about St. John's!

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