I’m no van Gogh but… (Painting Class)

This was a most enjoyable activity. Not because I came away from every class with “great work of art” but because I got to spend 2 and a half hours every week for the last three weeks, with my daughter, in a stress free environment enjoying the company of others (cell phones off ūüôā ).

In early March, my daughter Sarah encouraged me to do a painting class. I was intrigued by the idea of challenging myself so I signed us up to do water colour painting classes with the City of St. John’s.

Like gardening, golfing, crafting etc. I found this activity a fun escape from the day-to-day worries of work and so forth and my focus changed to appreciating the beauty around me and how that could be translated into a painting. ¬†What I learnt even carried with me through the week as I noticed beautiful things around me and wondered “what painting technique” would be used to capture what I saw onto a piece of paper.

My daughter’s painting. :-)

This was a 4 week course.  Each class was 2 and half hours long.  Brendan Traverse, our teacher, was patient and knowledgeable. He was also very generous in sharing his supplies, which he brought to each class.  When you register you will receive a small list of required supplies but it was fun to try other brushes and painting tools to check out their effects.

During the first class, Brendan spent most of the evening discussing some of the basic water color painting techniques and the entire class tried their hand at a water shoreline view (You can see my painting at the end of this blog).

For our next class, Brendan asked us to find a picture we liked from a pile he provided or bring one of our own.  During that class he helped us individually with techniques to turn our favorite photo or picture into a watercolor.

At first I found this really stressful.  I brought along a favorite photo of a salmon river in Spread Eagle, Newfoundland.  I love this photo, so I wanted good results. No! I wanted great results.

However there is so much to learn. I was putting unreasonable expectations on myself and it was really taking the fun out of it for me. When I reminded myself about my purpose for taking this course I¬†starting just enjoying the process and the results weren’t too bad ūüôā

My watercolor painting of a photo taken in Spread Eagle, NL
My watercolor painting of a photo taken in Spread Eagle, NL

I would highly recommend this course. ¬†It was fun, informative, relaxed and inexpensive. I encourage you to check out the many activities offered by the City of St. John’s. ¬†Sign-up early, especially for the painting classes, as the class size is small and they fill up quickly. ¬†Scroll down to see pictures of our classmates and their paintings.

We have 1 class left and I am really looking forward to it.  In addition, I plan to check out the other painting courses offered and sign up again soon.

Rating: *****

Cost: $ ($50 for 4 classes)

Great activity to do alone or with a friend.

Sarah, our classmate, posing with her clothesline painting from class #3. She had never painted before doing this course. Nice Job Sarah!
My painting from the 1st class.
IMG_3451 v2
Our classmate, Marilyn, posing with Brendan and her sunset painting. Pretty!